Don´t be a victim !

The Kubotee is a simple yet effective keyring tool for self-defence. It is used for strikes, punches and stabbing bony, fleshy and sensitive parts of an attacker. Used as a pressure point tool it is extremly effectiv to stop an assailant even for a much weaker person. Clinches and strangleholds are easily broken by applying pressure to hands, fingers or forearms. With key`s attached, it can function as a flailing weapon.

Kubotee fact`s

Overall lengh 140mm / 5.5 inch - Ball-headed pin 34mm / 1.34 inches - Weight 160gr / 5.65 ounces

T6 Aluminium alloy heat treated - CNC machined to DIN ISO 27681

Anodising to Aircraft standarts certified ISO 9001:215

Simple and environmentally friendly recyclable

Made in Europe


Please note the possibly valid legal regulations of your home country