professional security service

The Kubotee is the ultimate tool for all defensive tactics and control techniques for those who protect and serve. As a further development of the well known Kubotan, it is extremly effective in breaking the will of unruly suspects with painfull locks and pressure point strikes. Holding a Kubotee in usual Kubotan icepick grip, you can now perform straight punches, jabs and pressure point strikes as well without giving up the possibility of hammerfist strikes and seizing.

Kubotee Fact`s

Overall lengh 140mm / 5.5 inch - Ball-headed pin 34mm / 1.34 inches - Weight 160gr / 5.65 ounces

T6 Aluminium alloy heat treated - CNC machined to DIN ISO 27681

Anodising to Aircraft standarts certified ISO 9001:215

Simple and environmentally friendly recyclable

Made in Europe


Please note the possibly valid legal regulations of your home country